This is my entry to the Ludum Dare 41 Compo "Combine 2 incompatibles genres".

It's a Rogue like and a Collectible Card Game. You have to fight waves of monster while collecting new cards for your deck.

  • 40 unique cards
  • 9 different monsters each with their own unique deck cards.
  • 15 monster waves (if you beats them all you will loop on the last 3 ones).

No sounds, no music, and the interface lacks feedbacks. I didn't have the time in 48h (it was quite a complex game to code).


  • You have 3 Actions points (AP).
  • Each card cost 1 to 3 AP. Click on a card to play it. If it don't works, it's because it does not have a valid target, or you dont have the required AP.
  • The card "focus" in the bottom right corner is a special one. You can always play it, it won't be discarded. Use it to refill your hand when you don't have anything usefull to do.
  • Other cars go to the discard pile and are shuffled back to your deck when there is no cards left in it.
  • Some special cards like potion are single use.
  • When you kill an ennemy, a chest may appears. You can loot a card by clicking it. But something it's not good to add a bad card to your deck, choose wisely!
  • Some cards allow you to remove cards from your deck.
  • Rare and legendary cards are very powerfull. You will recognize them by their different color (blue for rare, orange for legendary).



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Hi, you can link back to your LD submission page in itch. I'm using itch to discover LD games, but cannot rate you without the ldjam link.